Stefania Capogna


Sede: Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione, Università Roma Tre

Stefania Capogna (born 1966) is an Italian sociologist. She has always been interested in subject empowerment politics aimed at supporting people in their difficult transitions (guidance, work experience, skills assessment, learning, life long learning ecc). Recently her attention incorporated issues relating to the manner in which communication processes and training (distance learning, e-learning and new communication technologies and not) develop.
Actually, her research interests focus on three fields of analysis:
- Educational system interests changed in the autonomy of school;
- Integration policies for young university graduates with recognition of the University to act as an intermediator;
- Incorporation of new communication technologies in teaching.
Scholar of educational processes, communication, training and distance learning.
Expert Guidance and Trainer in Philosophical Counseling.
Professor of Sociology of Education and Cultural Processes.
Member of:
- Ais Education, Organization and Communication
- S-iel